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How was Tutlo founded?

The idea for Tutlo was born in the minds of Damian Strzelczyk and Tomek Jabłoński, with the founders of Angloville – Angielska Wioska joining the project later. Tomek and Damian noticed that well-established foreign language schools are not adapted to the modern and dynamic lifestyles many of us lead. They came up with a solution that would connect native speakers (teachers for whom English is their mother tongue) with those eager to polish their language skills from around the world. That’s how Tutlo – a language school in the form of an Internet platform, where you can learn using a computer, phone or tablet from anywhere in the world – came into being. Soon thereafter, teaching consultants with many years of experience and a passion for teaching English joined the team. Teachers from various countries and students ready to improve their conversational skills in a foreign language joined the platform. During the lesson, they use materials created specifically for this purpose by our consultants and experts from various parts of the world. These materials cover key topics, such as General English, Travel, Business English and others.


Tutlo’s disruptive innovation was recognised in the Orange Fab Poland acceleration programme, in which we became a finalist. In Tutlo’s early stages we also took part in DMZ Toronto. This is the most prestigious university acceleration programme in the world, which has carried out the incubation and acceleration process for 317 businesses, raising nearly 400 million dollars in funding.

Tutlo now and in the near future

Currently, Tutlo is the fastest growing language learning platform in Poland, with over 2000 users. This number is growing ever faster, thanks to Tutlo students recommending this new learning method to family and friends. In a short time we plan to reach a stable position as a widely recognised language school and introduce other languages ​​(many of you are asking about conversations in German and Spanish!). You can now see the new version of the website and this year a completely new app will also make its début.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide every person in the world with easy and convenient access to effective language learning. Even though, for the time being, we offer English courses on the Tutlo platform, our ambitions go much further. We know that a native speaker is the best teacher, but finding one where you live is often difficult, even impossible in many smaller cities. Effective use of technology allows us to successfully bridge thousands of kilometres, so that our students can improve their language skills wherever they are.

Why Tutlo?

We founded Tutlo to offer effective English learning solutions, adequate to our times. With the Tutlo method you avoid the disadvantages of traditional and outdated English schools. On the basis of current scientific knowledge in the field of language learning, we focus only on the immersion method. By learning with a native speaker, you learn as if you were abroad – you literally immerse yourself in the language. There are platforms on the market that, like us, offer learning with foreign teachers, but both they and traditional schools hold lessons at a set time or the time needs to be arranged. In this respect, Tutlo offers a complete revolution – lessons are held when and where you want, without a prior appointment. Just sign in to the platform at any time between 9 am and 10 pm, and an available teacher will be waiting for you. It’s really that simple! You’ll never lose a lesson because of illness or a holiday. Another advantage of Tutlo is that the lessons are 100% 1-on-1 – only you and a native speaker are connected. The teacher’s entire attention is focused on you and not on other students. Thanks to this, a standard lesson with Tutlo only takes 20 minutes. Many may think this is too short, but it means more time spent with the teacher than in the case of a one-hour lesson, during which his attention is divided among 5 or more people. Studies also show that it’s the time when we remain highly focused, so that the material is absorbed even more effectively. The length of our lessons has one more advantage. With Tutlo you can learn whenever you have a free moment. Stop getting annoyed in a traffic jam on the way to work – pull out your phone, start the app and spend that time learning English!

The main advantages of the Tutlo method

To sum it up – Tutlo offers a whole range of advantages that you will not find in other schools or platforms for learning English:

  • Lessons with native speakers
  • No appointments. You learn when you want.
  • You don’t lose lessons due to illness, a trip or other events
  • Only 1-on-1 lessons. The teacher’s entire attention is focused on you.
  • 20 minute lessons assure optimum focus and allow you to learn whenever you have a free moment.